Wednesday, 16 January 2013


So I've made it! “Made it to what?” you say? My very first cafe, where others similar to myself sit with their tech devices, books, writing pads, pens, and are fashionably suited. What makes this so special? That I'm doing it on my own and I can definitely feel like I'm suited here. Allow me to explain.

All my childhood, I was told I was different and treated differently, and I don't mean in a special, happy kinda way. Because of that lack of acceptance, I never feel like I fit in. I was ushered into a state of mind where I can mimic my surroundings to blend in. The damage that caused was that I spent many years trying to fit in, and accomplishing the task but never finding my true comfortable place.

Well, I'm 90% there. Why 90%? Because its more positive than any other lower number. As much as I'm learning about myself, I am a work in progress, but comfort I seek. Inspiration is what I love!
So allow me to describe the opulence of my surrounds :))))

The cafe is located in the Northern Quarter of Manchester, the arty alternative retro side of Manchester, England, conveniently located three minutes' walk from my flat. It's a tearoom, with warm colours and red picnic furniture – the place calls your imagination in. The freshly baked desserts awaken your senses before your decision is made.

With my back against the wall, I look onto the clientele. A handsome man sits with what I hope not be his girlfriend, young students talk among themselves (their conversation shows values and pleasantries... until maybe a Friday night), a man sits next to me with his Apple computer and a couple of books... something similar could be said about a few sitting on their own working.
The music is jazz. Ahhh, music is important for atmospheric conditions – it sets your mind at ease and tells your soul it's OK to relax. So, we have warmth, we have smell, we have sight, and we have soul. Does that not simplify me?

I love the amount of natural wood that fills the room; it brings you literally down to earth as the voices of Dunah Washington & Belford Hendricks (Manhattan ) play (NOTE: I had to ask the kind waitress who it was, my fantasies are now a reality).

Here is a little pic to give you some idea

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