Monday, 7 January 2013

Point Of Beauty

So I'm sitting here on a deck chair surrounded by a lagoon in panama! My girlfriends put diving and I'm sitting here on my own for a bit watching the world go by.
How am I? I'm getting there, my heart aches but at the same time it's filled within excitement, an feeling a state if mind that I'm finding another piece of the puzzle to who I am. I found more clues to my existence. Key words my friends have said to me have unlocked thoughts and feelings to my personality.
The wind agrees, it blows with a sudden rush around my body as if to say yes!!! Your finally getting it.
I've missed playing with the embrace of Mother Nature. I hear the water infront if me the birds around me, the sun holding me and the breeze guiding me.
I'm safe in my little world right now, remembering and now finding out who I am!
Don't ask me as I still don't know but it's making sense in a mad mans
Crazy head.

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