Monday, 7 January 2013

Flight Departure

So I'm at the airport on my way back to sunny England (*cough*). I've not been so emotionalbefore! I took the cab ride back home yesterday with Mom . And something popped into my head, no matter what I think of cultures, I still ultimately love cultures that believe in family values. Sitting in my cab and many other of my friends vehicles for the past few weeks, each had something in common, a rosary for good lucky and safety, the Virgin Mary on the dash board a picture of some saint for safety.
You may think its crazy, but these are the people who believe, they believe in something, they would laugh and giggle greet you with a warm smile and with no doubt have values.
Simplicity, do you know how many moments I can remember, just sitting back and listening to my friends giggle away? pointless conversations among each other, cuddling up with one another and laughing? I miss it Sooo much.

And so I'm curled up now, with my shoes, off, sitting on a place in business, and as comfy as one could be. Fabulous!

Si mi amour tu tambien.

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