Monday, 5 May 2014

20th April 2005 The Vampiric bite

This is the poem I wrote when I met my Ex Kenneth whom I contracted HIV from. Becautiful to this day I still cherish my words.

April 20th 2005
Could a prayer be answered in the form of exactly the way you have dreamt it?
 He stands tall with his eyes covered cos he could, shaded by the whatever glasses he could find. His posture  as if he was at attention, relaxed enough to hold some peace. His movements were slow & effortless, his expressions were that of painted glass, but yet he stood out.
My mind started to relax as my body took control. I sneered at this creature and imagined him as my pray. My bitter tongue filled with venom as I took my first bite. 
And he stood still, untainted by my attack, the sun shone bright and I rested. My soul moved forward, aware now that he posed no threat we spoke.
Nearer & nearer his scent became my air, and his eyes began to glare out through this dark rims. Blue green & red, were that of his faith, his eyes blinked a message only the hunted would know. Not yet scared, but accepted my faith our lips pressed, closer and closer together. 
And like a vampiric bite, my veins opened up, drained but yet replenished but how could this be? 
My emptiness and loneliness  was eradicated and replaced with comfort and existence, existence of passion, so much so, that theirs not enough words to explain the inner peace, happiness that exploded from within. Each cell was taken over invaded by this unknown feeling, manipulated to reproduce this wonder it was beginning to grow inside me.
 Could it be? Was he really my dream? Is he me?

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